Tom The Mail Man is an exciting emo rap and pop rap inspired musician making waves across the globe. Born on March 22, 1998, Tom The Mail Man, who’s real name is Sean Brown, is a 22 year old artist, model, actor, director, and singer from Atlanta, Georgia. Tom began making music during his junior year at Walnut Grove High School. Tom The Mail Man is a member and founder of the TheDeliveryCrew collective consisting of Tom’s friends, Keeks, Delopapi, and Kotykillem. Tom’s inspirations include artists such as Childish Gambino, J Cole, Jaden Smith, XXXTentacion, Drake, and others. 

Tom first began gaining serious traction with a song titled Curse3DGirls which landed him a key show in Atlanta that helped him take off. “One of my songs titled “curse3dgirls” picked up a ton of traction and got me a show in Atlanta. While attending the school, I was on the way to getting a solid scholarship for track but decided to leave … school behind me so I could chase music full time.” Tom The Mail Man reflects in an interview with Voyage Atlanta. Additionally, songs such as Traveling Alone, My Storm, Kid, Pain, Come Over, and Hero, helped establish him as a serious threat in the underground. 

In August 2020, Tom The Mail Man dropped Liephas Evil. Despite the scary title, the music is easy to listen to and enjoyable, with pop, hip hop, and alternative influences clear throughout the album. Tom The Mail Man has also received significant support from Lyrical Lemonade, supporting his career organically online. On November 12th, Tom released his latest single, Faceless, and a music video on November 13th.  Closing 2020 with a strong project, we expect 2021 to be an equally successful year for Tom, and we’re excited to go on this journey with him. Take a listen to Tom The Mail Man’s full discography for free on Spotify.