Spell Jordan has continuously impressed us with his ability to deliver hard hitting, mind bending bars and catchy melodies across different genres of instrumentals. His music often falls into the pop, hip hop, and alternative rock genres, experimenting more frequently throughout the past few years. On November 13th, Spell Jordan released Margielas, a dark yet catchy single produced by Erondrose and Kase Junior. 

Spell has been previewing this single for the past months, generating much hype from fans and supporters. Fans of Jordan’s music know of his distaste for police, shown once again in the hook as he spits “I don’t rock with 12, I stopped with Jordan 11s” over a melodic and fast paced piano beat. 

Spell isn’t planning on stopping his consistent release schedule anytime soon. Rumor is he has another single and music video planned to release this month. New to Spell Jordan’s music? Check out his full discography on Spotify.