BKTHERULA, whose real name is Brooklyn Rodriguez, is a young pop rap artist hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. BKTHERULA, a.k.a. “BK”, initially gained significant popularity with her singles LEFT RIGHT, Faygo, and her breakout single, Tweakin’ Together, a track Pitchfork dubs “a fairy tale made to backdrop a day in the life of the most Instagrammable couples you can imagine”. Last year, BK signed a contract with RCA, underscoring the hard work she has been putting in over the past two years.

In January 2020 , BK released her debut project, Love Santana, showcasing her lyricism, versatility, and unique punk flair across 11 tracks. Following up on Love Santana, ger latest project, Nirvana, was released on October 23rd, 2020, receiving high praise from press, including a 7.2 on Pitchfork, with staff writer Alphonse Pierre stating that “after a shaky debut project, the 18-year-old Atlanta rapper gives her punk spirit more space to breathe on (Nirvana).” 

BKTHERULA is an artist to watch for anyone who is a fan of alternative hip hop, emo rap, and the underground scene. BK is undoubtedly talented and with a buzzing online presence and successful sophomore release, her career is moving in the right direction. Check out BKTHERULA’s full discography on Spotify.