From Houston, Texas, Vision4k is a recording artist and producer who has worked with emo rap, pop rap, and underground hip hop artists such as Tommy Ice, Savage Ga$p, Kevin Kazi, 909Memphis, Convolk, 2kThaGoon, David Shawty, and more. Vision4k rose to popularity on Twitter and after the success of Run, produced by Ginseng, his first EP, Regret, published in September 2018, and his first album, Recluse, published in May 2019. Vision4k’s other works include Blurred with Demxntia, PackPackPack! With Lil Fendy, and 2018’s Best of Vision4k, Vol. 1, a 2018 compilation of his best singles to date. 

In an interview with Grooverelly, Vision4k cites his biggest influences as Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins, Bladee, and Yung Lean. In that interview, Vision4k also touches on the importance of online anonymity to him, saying “ I like to keep a bit of a mysterious air to myself, of course over time I’m gonna show my face more but right now I wanna let my music take light more than my image or face. I think the anonymity gives off a really cool vibe along with the music.” 

Without releasing a project yet in 2020, the veil of mystery surrounding the Houston, Texas based artist continues to grow. As a producer and recording artist, Vision4k is undoubtedly working on a lot behind the scenes. While we all wait for more from the artist, check out his full discography on Spotify.