The alternative, rap, electronic and pop scenes have seen significant growth over the past 6 months. New acts have emerged and the already popular scene has become increasingly mainstream. The line between existing emo rap and pop scenes grows more blurred, and both subgenres are now seen taking influence from the electronic community. In this article, we’ll share 5 of our favorite emo rap and pop rap singles released in Spring 2020.

Yurms and Shinigami – Back in Action

West coast newcomer Yurms saw initial success with the release of his collaboration with Seattle, Washington natives David Shawty and Yungster Jack, Email. His recent EP, I Wish I Had School Tomorrow features a handful of impressive singles, notably the Shinigami collaboration, Back in Action. The track discusses growth, love, success, and other themes. 

David Shawty – Tin Man

After exploding to the forefront of the internet with viral singles Kiss My Own Dick and Under Pressure, David Shawty returned with another glitchcore, electronic, and pop inspired single, Tin Man. Since the success of his aforementioned singles, David has release a number of impressive singles, including GOODMORNING *hickys* with 5x platinum produced 16yrold. Tin Man is produced by safeguard and continues to build upon the original sound David Shawty has crafted over the last few years.

Spell Jordan – Childhood Sweetheart

Washington D.C. transplant released his latest EP of 2020 this April with Air Jordan. The three track collaboration with Virginia based producer Prodbyjee highlighted Jordan’s impressive melodies and unique flow. The EP featured more electronic, pop, and trap inspirations than Jordan’s recent alternative and emo releases. Childhood Sweetheart is both emotional and hard hitting, and one of Spell Jordan’s strongest releases to date.

James Colt – No Remorse

James Colt grew to fame after the release of his single I Can’t Feel with Emo Rap superstar Convolk. Honing his craft and perfecting his art since then, James has released a number of incredible singles this year, including Six Month with Lil Narnia, Don’t Cry, and It’s Over with 6obby. James followed up on those singles with his third full length album, Colt 45. Colt 45 was led with the catchy downtempo intro single No Remorse. The track discusses overcoming the past and moving forward towards a bright future and is undoubtedly one of Colt’s best releases. 

Jackie Platinum – Beautiful Disaster

Boston native and Los Angeles transplant Jackie Platinum has grown tremendously over the past year, after the success of his Foreign Forest assisted single Nova Scotia. Returning with another alternative and pop inspired track, Jackie fails to disappoint once again. Beautiful Disaster is emotional, powerful, and an all together enjoyable listen. Take to Jackie Platinum’s latest on Spotify.

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