Take a look into the streets of Brooklyn, NY in our exclusive interview with Makk Butta, an exciting Brooklyn emcee. Makk Butta shares where his sound comes from, his inspirations, his R.V. crew, and more.

Hey! Introduce yourself. Where are you from? 

Yerrrr! Waddup, whats da vibes? It’s ya guy Makk Butta, we on timing, Big Hoolie, Brooklyn, what’s up, R.V. Waddup!

When did you start making music?

I started really rapping in jail, when I heard my mans got killed, that shit just had me so tight, I had to just let shit out so I started talking that pain, you feel me?

Who inspired you to make music? 

No cap, like musically, like talent wise, I’m inspired by my niggas like my man Sweggie Ferragamo, my son LyLyBoom, JuiceHooliegano, HoolieGu, my blooda Mizzywoo  

Hoolie Sco, like dead ass all my R.V. niggas is nice, no cap all my niggas heat Mellothedemon Two5, they inspired me to get my shit lit.

How would you describe your music style?

I would describe my music as fire. No cap they see how I’m coming, I got my own vibes, my own sound, my own lane, my shit heat … like something for everyone, you feel me?

Who are you listening to now? 

I don’t really like to mention mainstream artists, but I fucks with y’all, so I’mma give y’all an exclusive … right now I’m listening to niggas like Smoove L, Fivio, Swipey, Coach da Ghost … like real street niggas from Brooklyn that’s doing it, that recently did it feel me? Big shout out to them.

What’s your biggest project or single so far?

Honestly like no cap I ain’t even scratch the surface … like musically I got so much heat in me, like I just gotta get it out to the people I’m still developing my sound and my team so I know my best is yet to come … but I had a lot of fun working on the JackBoyGoCrazy mixtape. Stay tuned for that, I promise you straight fire on god, on gang. 

Any upcoming releases from you to look out for?

I got a shitload of music coming out, you shitten me! My new single “See U Litt” will be available on all platforms June 1st … tune in to that. I just dropped a single called “Demon is Back” … out now on Apple Music tune in like I’m all the way valid. 

Have any shout outs? 

Hell yeah wanna shout y’all out for this opportunity, shout out the whole Brooklyn, the whole New York, my HOOLIEGANG niggas, BMH niggas, my Ewoks, you heavy on it. Glllllllt!!!

Listen to Makk Butta’s latest single, EEEWOKKK, on Spotify.