With his first full length album under his belt, Trap on 1000, and the first two installments of the Underway trilogy released, Fresno, California based recording artist Nesto plans to release the final installment to the trilogy this fall with Underway Vol. III. Hailing from Camden, NJ, the prolific emcee has spent the past three years establishing his presence in the industry, performing across the west and east coasts and consistently releasing content. 

Underway Vol. III is the last addition to the Underway trilogy and plans to be the longest. This upcoming release will be Nesto’s second full length project. The album was promoted with a number of singles, including this summer’s Stars and Top Down. 

Fusing together west coast and east coast influences, and old school and new school vibes, Underway Vol. III is a can’t miss project. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Nesto’s second official album. In the meantime, check out Trap on 1000 on Spotify!