Bay Area transplant Drasmatic released his reflective six track project Array on August 29th, showcasing his versatility over a series of eclectic instrumentals. Dras touches on love, faith, and the world around him in an emotional 13 minute EP. Dras shines on the second track of the project, Faith in You Is Shaking, where Drasmatic spits next level bars over a beat filled with a soulful vocal sample. 

The second best track on the project is the first track, Depictions, where Dras introduces the listener to his unique but nostalgic flow and expansive vocabulary. Dras throws the listener for a loop with the fifth track on the project, Stupid Love – Instrumental, leaving time to think on Dras’ previous bars as he transitions into the final track of the project, Vested.


  1. Depictions
  2. Faith in You Is Shaking
  3. Stupid Love
  4. Secrets
  5. Stupid Love – Instrumental
  6. Vested

Interested in learning more about Drasmatic? Check out our exclusive interview, where he discusses growing up in Texas, his influences, and more. And, take a listen to Array on Spotify.