Castries, Saint Lucia – August 24, 2020 – The latest and brand new single track and video release from Gospel Rap/Hip Hop artiste Jared is entitled ‘Keep Your Lights On’.

Jared, known for his inspirational and motivational topics, has yet another song he has written to give strength and motivation to young women who have experienced social ills such as sexual abuse and rape. In doing research, by talking to victims and also counselors of the victims, he realized the damage that these actions can cause such as low self esteem, non self worth, depression and anxiety etc. To reach out to these women, he wrote the song ‘Keep Your Lights On’.

This song is meant to lift the spirits of the victims and giving them encouragement to go out and conquer their fears and set out to achieve their destiny and purpose in this world. He shows them that no matter what has happened in the past they can put it behind them and have a wonderful future.

Jared has been working hard, writing and recording since his last hit in 2018 with the song ‘Work’, as he took his own advice. In 2020 he released a free style version titled ‘Branded’ on social media and also ‘Double Cup’. Also in 2020 he collaborated with a powerful female vocalist from Trinidad and Tobago – Mya Scott and produced a beautiful song titled ‘Hear ‘em’.

The song ‘Keep Your Lights On’ was written by Jared, produced by BDM and recorded, mixed and mastered by Cory Raggie of The Air Born Academy. The video ‘Keep Your Lights On’ was produced by Wolf Art Productions.

This young and talented Gospel Hip Hop/Rapper, hopes that the listening public will embrace the message, recognizing that there are many people in our society, going through a lot of pain and shame because of their negative experiences. He sends the message ‘Keep Your Lights On’ and keep shining, so persons can see the beauty that’s inside, shining outward.

By Jackie Cherebin-Weekes
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