Fresno, California transplant Nesto is ready for the spotlight. Originally from Camden, NJ, the talented emcee has established his status in the west coast by releasing a series of EPs, singles, and an album over the course of two years. 

As Nesto gears up for the release of the final episode of his Underway trilogy, he plans to follow up on last August’s Stars with another equally impressive single this Friday with Top Down. Nesto combines a cocky demeanor and classic west coast swag with his unique style he’s crafted from his time in New Jersey and California. 

For those who enjoyed Nesto’s previous releases, including Underway Vol. 1 and 2, Trap on 1000, and Stars, Top Down is a can’t miss drop. Interested in learning more about Nesto? Check out our exclusive interview here. In the meantime, take a listen to Stars and Nesto’s other tracks on Spotify.