We sat down with Icelandic musician KÍTA for another interview to discuss how her music has changed over time, her upcoming releases, and more.

How do you feel your music has changed over time?

It has changed a lot actually. When I was younger I wrote everything with my guitar. I was obsessed with that clean, soothing acoustic guitar sound!

So I performed a lot with bands or just solo with my acoustic guitar. I think it can be really hard to do it all yourself when you can’t play all the instruments at once… I have such a strong idea on how I want things to sound and I feel like as soon as I started playing in Ableton and was able to manipulate and create sounds from scratch, I realised what had been missing.

I was always so set on that everything had to be from a real instrument! I wasn’t actually a fan of the digital world at all… I guess I was a bit ignorant, thinking that’s just too easy. I felt like if I would use a sample I would be stealing someone else’s work and then how much of the music was actually mine then? But I’ve learned so much since then but I do try to create my own samples though, just to try and have that unique “sound”.

I’m not giving the guitar up though, no no… I don’t think I could. It has been a part of my musical journey since it started! I’ll definitely try to blend everything I love and what I’ve learned and use it to my advantage in my music. Though you won’t hear a lot of it in my first album, it will appear along the way! That I guarantee!

What have the biggest events in your career been thus far?

I think I’d just have to say when I released my first single and getting it played on the radio and the great attention and opportunities I got after it. I think mostly because it just meant so much to me to finally release something. So it was a big milestone for me at the time and a great eye opener that I can totally do it!

How have your international travels shaped your music?

I believe that you always get inspired by your environment and people. When I lived in the States and was so much involved in audio and music and being around audio engineers, producers and all kinds of artists is when I started to try new things in my music, which led me to where I am today. I would say that my travels have shaped my music into more genre mixed style and added a lot of electronic elements into my production.

Any artists you’re hoping to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Billie Ellish, Imogen Heap, Skrillex, John Mayer, Beyonce, Charlie Puth, go into the studio with Sylvia Massy, Troyboi, Disclosure, Daft Punk and then I would love to be able to go back in time and collaborate with Michael Jackson and Queen… 

What obstacles have you faced in your career?

I think my biggest obstacle as an artist would have to be social media. I’m absolutely horrible when it comes to social media and marketing. I’m more focused on everything that has to do with the music itself that I tend to forget all the other things you have to do to keep the ball rolling! 

Another one to mention, I’ve been in the audio industry working as an audio engineer since 2013 and am sorry I am to say that it is needed. Being a female in this industry can be very challenging. Especially if you’re new and trying to get in. I was very lucky at the time to get my foot in the door but I’ve faced all kinds of challenges along the way. I have been doubted and developed a lack of trust in my capability to be able to do something more “technical” … 

You have a strong message about female empowerment. What women have influenced you throughout your life?

Women are awesome! In music, these would be my top women: Sylvia Massy, Imogen Heap, Tina Turner.

Appreciate you talking with us again. Any upcoming music you want to promote?

My upcoming single of course, ‘Things You Don’t Know”. Which will be released on June 12, 2020! Super excited!

Any messages for the world?

Just do you!

Stay tuned for KÍTA’s upcoming single release on June 12th! In the meantime, stream her two available singles, Mississippi, and Still Young, on the DSP of your choice.