Nesto’s first full-length project of the new decade, Trap on a Thousand, is out now. Keep reading to hear some thoughts on the album during our first listen-through!

We sat down with Nesto earlier this year to discuss some of his flow change-ups as well as his thoughts on his recent live performances – check it out here. Writing raps since the age of ten, Nesto continues his prolific style in Trap on a Thousand. 

One of our favorites from the album is Project Baby. A heartfelt shoutout to his mom, Project Baby contains a rich, yet hard-hitting flow that keeps the listener engaged throughout the extent of the song. Nesto returns to his familiar fast-paced flow, supported by a solid staccato beat, on Bring it Back. 

Trap on a Thousand also includes Nesto’s first collaboration with Downers Club’s Spell Jordan, on the hit, King Smith. We can’t wait for more collaborations from these two! 

  1. Nesto
  2. Trap on 1000
  3. L.O.V.E.
  4. King Smith feat. Spell Jordan
  5. Project Baby
  6. Bring it Back
  7. Two a Kind

Make sure to give the project a full listen on Spotify!