DCR signee Spell Jordan has been delivering stunning content to listeners constantly throughout 2020. As times feel dark, his honest approach truly resonates with his fans. Spell Jordan’s recent releases, Joker, Bad Mood, and the music video to Miss You Love Me, have all performed strongly on YouTube.

Spell Jordan collaborated with Virginia native Prodbyjee for a three track EP titled Air Jordan. Releasing April 10th, the three track project features co-production from Uncle Cameron, Jai, Tom French, and OH and vocal accompaniment by Jackie Platinum. 

The three tracks, 100k, Childhood Sweetheart, and DayZ, each show Jordan’s evolved style while transitioning through different moods, from excited, to reflective, to sorrowful. Jordan and Jee came together for an impressive release that we are excited to show off to listeners. 

Stay tuned for April 10th!