Elevat8* is Owshan’s upcoming single. It will be released on May 20th! Owshan’s previous music has brought us excitement and originality. You have likely listened to the hit AAA and Cupid’s Arrow. These songs were each great songs. If you have not heard them yet, you will love to listen to them. AAA and Cupid’s Arrow are both amazing tracks and are excellent to get your energy up and dance to.

In our recent interview, we asked her what the process behind working on a single was like. She told us that “the process is to tell a story. The purpose is to have listeners envision the story in their minds through imagination. To take them from one adventure and experience to the next with every song.” Read more in our interview here.

Fortunately, Elevat8* is coming out just in time for this summer! This next song promises to be just as wonderful as her last two. Mark your calendar for May 20th when this exciting song, Elevat8*, will be released! Elevat8* will be released on all platforms then!