There are so many rock and metal music blogs that exist. It is hard to know exactly which one is the best to submit your music to. Here, we write about five blogs that are worth the time to submit to. Read on to learn about how to submit your music. 

1. Cut the Pause

Cut the Pause is a great blog to which you can submit your rock and metal music. Click here to submit your music to this blog for potential coverage. This blog has a great mixture of different sounds, so it is a good option to send your music. 

2. Grimy Goods

The Grimy Goods blog is a great blog to submit your unique songs. You can submit your music to Grimy Goods here. This blog is strongly connected to their Instagram and social media, which can be another great source of awareness for your music. 

3. Louder than War

Louder than War is a blog for rock and metal musicians. Make sure to check them out to submit your music and to learn about other up-and-coming artists. Submit your music to them here and listen to some of their other hit music. 

4. Fux With It

Fux With It is a music blog that advocates for the power of a music blog. They are strong proponents of sharing new music and promoting good music on their blog because they believe in the power of writing about music. Submit your music at this link for coverage. 

5. Kings of A&R 

Kings of A&R is a powerhouse of a music blog. In addition to covering rock and metal music, they also write about specific musicians and other characteristics of the music industry. Submit your music for coverage here.

We hope you can find a blog to submit music to. We hope this can be a helpful resource for you in your music career. Check out the DCR blog for more about musicians and popular music as well.