Henry Joseph brings us the music we have been waiting for with his latest release, Goodnight Goodbye. Henry Joseph has been perfecting his craft for years, evidenced by this great new hit. His newest musical project is coming out in full force. Goodnight Goodbye is the debut song off Henry Joseph’s newest venture. 

Since stepping out on his own musical adventure, he has been building up the Henry Joseph sound. However, before Henry Joseph, there was Mychildren Mybride. Joe Lengson, the man behind Henry Joseph, was the bass player in this hardcore band. They rose in popularity and fame in the early and mid 2000’s. Now he is back to his roots with the piano and guitar at his side.

Henry Joseph is marking his start in a new musical field with the release of Goodnight Goodbye. It is an exciting and well done country song. It touches on the main subjects of which we all struggle through life – relationships and their ebbs and flows. Lucky for us, we have Henry Joseph’s music to play us through these experiences with his signature sound and clever lyrics. 

Goodnight Goodbye is out on all streaming platforms. Make sure to keep an ear out for more from Henry Joseph!