Robert Clementino’s single For My Love (My Angel) is out now! This love song is classic 90’s style in keeping with Clementino’s earlier R&B hits. Known for a smooth and seductive sound, Robert Clementino does not disappoint with this latest release. It is an excellent song to accompany his previous releases. You can practically feel Robert Clementino’s passion in this new release. His lyrics land expertly with the beat to excite anyone that’s listening. The beat makes you want to move. Robert Clementino uses his lyrical stylings to accentuate each R&B track he releases.

Making music since 2006, he released I Gotta Ask You, his first song on all digital streaming platforms, in 2021. With more music in the works, Robert Clementino is ready to take 2022 by storm. If you want more Robert Clementino, listen to his earlier work on Bandcamp and Souncloud. Currently based in Miami, Florida, Robert Clementino brings influences of his home town, Detroit, MI, and his music icons, Bobby Valentino, into all of his songs.