MC Rayan the DJ is a United States-based and Kenya-born afrobeats artist, disk jockey, record producer, entertainer, and a media personality whose real name is Brian Ngendo. Brian first gained prominence six years ago promoting underground talents and has since released three singles—Chapa, Tingisha, and Jekajo. Inspired by the goal of being an African music ambassador that can help push African music to new heights, he always reaches for the sky.

About MC Rayan the DJ

It all began for MC Rayan the DJ with this dream—to accomplish whatever you believe, whatever you love, and whatever you see. Since he was young, music has been the language to his ears. He loves the way people communicate through music; sending messages and vibes to create good opportunities for people to relate and interact. His drive is what drove him into joining the industry. Rayan is planning an exciting 2022. He has announced that he will be dropping singles and an EP which will feature some of the big stars in African culture. Kenyan music will reach greater heights and Rayan wants to be part of that legacy. 

“The circle you surround yourself with will mostly predict your path and ambitions. Discipline is a major (virtue). A lot of people get caught up with the American lifestyle and forget about their families back home or what their goals were when they first came to the states. Don’t lose your focus, it’s not bad kupiga sherehe or to explore new staff but keep your priorities first” MC Rayan the DJ said in an interview recently. 

What’s Next From MC Rayan the DJ?

He has gigs almost every week and an upcoming tour in the United Kingdom later this year. He may also be performing at the biggest festival in Kenya for 2022; stay tuned for more information on this exciting event and more live performances from MC Rayan the DJ. He is also putting finishing touches to his USA tour which shall feature entertainers from every state he is touring. To keep up to date with everything he has going on, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Make sure to stream his music on Spotify or wherever you listen to music.