3 Lbs is about to drop a new album and we cannot wait! His 7 song album titled Weight on 3 is dropping soon and we assume it will be just as powerful and exciting as his previous music has been. There will be three videos to accompany the project. Weight on 3 is what has come from 3 Lbs trying to minimize resistance in his life so he can step into his artistry. In 2021, 3 Lbs dropped two singles from the project, StepStrong and 3 Peat, and has been performing all over the valley including the Arizona Hip Hop Fest. He describes his sound has lyrical, conscious rap in the style of J. Cole. 

3 Lbs, athlete, producer, and rapper, has been steppin’ strong and blazing a trail in the Arizona music scene. The southwest athlete/artist was born in Utah, but he was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and pulls influence from both places. His music is a unique blend of soulful, unorthodox, conscious, and bouncy. He has worked with mastering engineer Tyler Blakely, producer Isaiah Suthers, and Jordan Korach on past projects.

Inspired by artists such as Smino, J.I.D, Earthgang, J.Cole, Tobi Lou, Buddy, Kendrick Lamar, MacMiller, Nipsey Hussle, 3 Lbs has used music as a way to make himself feel more confident and less alone. Growing up in Arizona he felt judged as incapable and underskilled. Music, and basketball, have been ways to create space for himself to thrive. The adversity he experienced as a kid has lit a fire in him to succeed at what he loves. His love of music was solidified with the emergence of portable music players and music downloads in middle school. He used music as a form of therapy for himself. 

Stronger, Better, Wiser, are the three essentials that fuel 3 Lbs’ work. Each essential is a pound that weighs on him as he navigates to be a better father, athlete, artist, and man. He wants everyone to feel spiritually refreshed after listening to his music. Stay tuned for the release of 3 Lbs’ Weight on 3!