From Niagara Falls to Letchworth State Park, Upstate NY has a lot of wonderful things to offer. But what about the music scene? Here are some of the top bands originating from the area!

1. The Bunny and the Bear

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, The Bunny and the Bear is a post-hardcore band that’s been around since 2008. The band was originally formed by Matthew Tybor, who took up the persona of “The Bunny” and donned a bunny mask. He was soon joined by Chris Hutka, who became “The Bear”, and wore a bear mask. In 2013, the late Chris Hutka left the band, and after several vocalist changes, Jake Reeves is now currently the clean vocalist, or “The Bear,” after joining in 2017. Although the line-up of The Bunny and the Bear has seen many changes over the years, Tybor has remained a consistent member of the band and they have been putting out album after album, with their self-titled debut coming out back on February 4th, 2010, and their latest album, Afterglow, dropping on October 9th, 2020. When you listen to The Bunny and the Bear, you feel as though you’ve been invited into a different world. Will you accept the invitation?

2. Clibbus

Clibbus, or Clibbus International, is an underground band originating from Rochester, NY. Clibbus International began as a multimedia art project by Beefus D’Aurelio, and one of his many creative outlets under the project turned into Clibbus, a band dedicated to D’Aurelio’s main focus: music and drawings. After releasing 2 full-length albums as the sole member, D’Aurelio was joined by Graham Balcomb and Mike McGee to form a trio. Together, the trio creates music that transcends genre; it is as much of an experience as it is music, and it is difficult to categorize them, which seems to be the exact goal of Clibbus. If you are looking for something that tests you, intrigues you, and surprises you, dive into the world of Clibbus International!

3. White Tides

White Tides is a deathcore band local to the Rochester, NY area. Made up of Cole Madesen on vocals, Tom Alberti and Cal Putnam on guitar, Tyler Pouthsack on drums, and Kyle Radtke on bass, this brutal and fresh band have been releasing music since 2020. They released their first self-titled EP on October 14th, 2020 and have since garnered thousands of streams and a dedicated fanbase. It was announced on February 18th, 2022, that White Tides will be releasing a new single, Thicker Than Blood, across streaming platforms on March 10th, 2022. This single will precede their forthcoming EP, Suffering in Silence, which will premiere on March 25th, 2022. If White Tides has proven anything, it’s that they’re not here to play games. Packed with brutality and doom, this band is essential to any metal lovers playlist!

4. Young Culture

Straight out of Albany, NY, comes Young Culture, a pop-rock band aiming to refresh the scene. Comprised of Alex Magnan on vocals and both Gabe Pietrafesa and Troy Burchett on guitar, Young Culture released their debut full-length and self-titled album on October 16th, 2020. Their gentle, feel-good music has found its way to the ears of many, garnering thousands of streams since its release. Looking for a way to let go and enjoy some uplifting music? Lucky for you, Young Culture currently has several show dates lined up throughout March and April!

5. Head North

Head North is an emo rock band that emerged into the scene from Buffalo, NY in 2015. Their music is often described as cosmic rock, which is quite fitting for the otherworldly feel of this band. This is the perfect band to listen to as we’re approaching Spring! The gut-wrenching and hopeful sounding instrumentals blended with punk influences create the perfect soundtrack for adventure. Add songs like In the Water and Jake’s Apartment to your playlist to get a taste of what this band has to offer!

Ready to dive in? Stream any of these bands on Spotify, or wherever you listen to music!