On March 25th we will have a follow up to Owshan’s hit Cupid’s Arrow. We are positively pumped for this upcoming release of her new song AAA! One of the best parts about Owshan’s music is how her creative lyrics collide with a super fun beat. It makes you want to keep the song on repeat while you dance. AAA is produced by Golden Back with a drill beat to support the RnB feel. 

We can definitely assume that AAA is going to be as exciting to move to as Owshan’s earlier work. Owshan is an incredibly talented artist, and she is bridging together rhythm and blues, hip hop, soul, and dancehall into one cohesive, radio-ready sound. But she’s more than just music. She’s a fashion and jewelry designer with a superb sense of style.

Can’t wait until March 25th? Then be sure to check out Owshan’s previous music on Spotify to get in the mood for AAA! Want to learn more about Owshan? Check out our interview with this fabulous artist.