We’re always game for some good old rock and roll. One of our favorite bands to listen to is Connecticut’s own Kings and Liars. Despite them producing a large catalog of stellar, gritty, and groovy rock and roll, three songs rise to the top of the collection and listeners have made it happen. We cover our favorite three songs from Kings and Liars in this article.

1. Hang on for Dear Life

Hang on for Dear Life is their most popular song on Spotify for good reason. This edgy song uses clear vocals and a catchy refrain that one can’t help but immediately sing along. 

2. The Desperate One

Second on the list is The Desperate One. With this song, the band continues to show metal music can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a swerving and grooving melodic sound. 

3. The One I Love

The One I Love is another exciting and popular song from Kings and Liars that, once again, proves how intense rock music can be intensely emotional and melodic. 

Want more from Kings and Liars? Check out our exclusive interview to learn more about them, or tune in to Hang on for Dear Life, The Desperate One, and The One I Love on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform.