Milwaukee’s own King Anu returns with another incredibly impressive single release with Back Up On My ****. “I’ve been stabbed and poked and dragged and choked and left up in a ditch” Anu raps, discussing his struggles in the streets and the industry. Over a gloomy piano instrumental with hard-hitting drums, Anu expresses his frustrations with impeccable wordplay. For new and old fans of hip hop alike, King Anu’s Back Up On My **** is a must-listen record. 

In our recent interview with King Anu, he touched on his influences, calling out Lupe Fiasco as his biggest inspiration and favorite emcee. Anu says “I draw inspiration from a lot of different areas in music and life but if I had to put it all in two places, I would say the majority of my inspiration to make music would have to come from my mother and my favorite rapper of all time – Lupe Fiasco!”

Make sure you check out Back Up On My ****, available now on all digital streaming platforms. And, make sure you follow King Anu on all social media platforms at @TheGreatKingAnu.