Washington, D.C.-based rapper Spell Jordan recruits Virginia native KIL, known for his singles HEY! with EGOVERT, 5 Bucks, TOMFOOLERY with Quadeca, Moxas, and EGOVERT, and many more for the release of 5000. Spell Jordan has been having an exciting year. After the overwhelming success of his headlining show at DC9 Nightclub on August 8th, Spell Jordan has been teasing a number of collaborations he has in the vault, including this one. 5000 hit platforms the same day as KIL’s debut album, The Roaring Twenties.

On 5000, KIL and Spell Jordan deliver bar after bar of mind-boggling rhymes and metaphors, with catchy punchlines hidden in the mix. Spell Jordan cleverly spits “p90x on the shelf the way I flexed up, see him in person like Coi, I’m gonna Pressa” referencing the relationship between musical artists Coi Leray and Pressa. Spell Jordan released the single on all streaming platforms alongside a lyric video on his YouTube channel on September 9th.

For fans of either KIL or Spell Jordan’s music, this collaboration is sure to impress. Spell Jordan has also teased singles with Kevin Kazi and Jackie Platinum on the horizon, as well as three more music videos. Check out Spell Jordan’s full discography on Spotify and follow him to stay in the loop.