Nesto is a blossoming talent originally from Camden, NJ, now based in Fresno, California. Over the past few years, Nesto has released a handful of singles and projects, including his recent track Falling, his Underway EP and album series, his full length project Trap on 1000, and many more. Last month, Nesto put out his latest effort, Reasons, on all digital streaming platforms.

On Reasons, Nesto’s flow and songwriting ability has clearly leveled up. Compared to our introduction to his sound on his debut EP Underway, Volume 1, Reasons is incredibly impressive. Reasons has Nesto reflecting on his life, struggles, and dreams of success over an old school ambient instrumental. “Why they gotta do me like this? Why they gotta do me like that?” Nesto raps. 

Nesto’s newest release is a must-listen for old-school hip hop fans and new rap listeners alike. His flow is reminiscent of a calmer Meek Mill, one of Nesto’s biggest influences. If you’d like to learn more about Nesto, check out this interview. Or, head over to Spotify to listen to Reasons and the rest of Nesto’s music.