Catherine Wynder is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music and performed in New York City from 2009 until March, 2020. She and her husband moved to Suwanee, GA when COVID-19 hit NYC to be closer to family and have their first child. Learn more about the talented Georgia-based violist and violinist in this interview.

Hey! Introduce yourself. Where are you from?

I’m originally from Duluth, GA. After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music, I taught lessons and performed as a freelance violist and violinist in NYC until Covid hit, and then my husband and I moved to Suwanee after living with my parents for a few months and delivering my baby girl, Ellie. 

When did you start making music?

I started playing violin at age 9, and then viola at age 10. I’ve only written music for school assignments. But I plan to work on writing my own music soon. 

Who inspired you to start making music?

Lindsey Stirling and Peder B. Helland. 

How would you describe your music style?

I’m not sure but I think I want to write meditative, calming music. 

Who are you listening to now?

I’m always listening to calm and spa-type music, like Peder B Helland or Enya. 

What’s your best project or single so far?

I worked with Eric Munch to write “The Bum and the General” as well as a “Stampede” cover which was a lot of fun and I’m very proud of myself for that. 

Have any shoutouts?

My dad makes backtracks for me when I need them for song requests. 

Stay tuned for more from this incredibly talented musician. If you’d like to book Catherine for violin or viola lessons, connect with her here. To listen to more from Catherine, check out her BandCamp page or find her on all social medias at @catwynder.