Fresno, California’s rap scene, has been largely recognized for artists such as Fashawn, Baeza, Planet Asian, and Killa Tay. However, recently, new artists have emerged, breaking into the scene with impressive records. Originally from Camden, NJ, the Fresno transplant, Nesto, is one of those artists. Nesto has released two impactful extended plays, Underway Vol. 1, and Underway Vol. 2, over the past year and a half.

Nesto began writing at the age of ten, he said in our recent interview. Inspired by hard hitting artists such as Meek Mill and Future, Nesto’s music is equally gritty and honest. While he began rapping at an early age, he rediscovered his passion after his co-worker, who went by the nickname M-16, gave him the push to turn his hobby into a career.

Nesto’s first EP, Underway Vol. 1, included hit singles such as Yola, one of ours, and Nesto’s, favorite tracks. Underway Vol. 2, Nesto’s most recent project, featured four powerful tracks, All Day, Not Yet, Lets Go, and Loose Leaf, and is available on all platforms. If you’re interested in reading more about Underway Vol. 2, check out our full review

Nesto has been performing at venues in Fresno, and has plans to hit the stage in NYC later this year. Looking to learn more or connect with Nesto? Head over to his Instagram page