King Anu, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based rapper and recording artist plans to release his next project, We Seem To Be At An Impasse, later this year. The release plans to include at least 5 singles recorded throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We Seem To Be At An Impasse is King Anu’s second project of 2021, following his collaborative four-track EP with Lil Xenolight, And They Said Don’t Do It. Over the past 3 years, King Anu has released a handful of EPs including a four-part series titled The Rambles of a King. 

We Seem To Be At An Impasse is an incredibly personal project to King Anu. King Anu put his heart into this project – challenging his creativity and embracing his weaknesses. King Anu reflected that “this project is a moment of self-reflection. I was making and releasing music I wasn’t 100% proud of” and that We Seem To Be At An Impasse was his chance to “make music with no direction in mind.” The project discusses King Anu’s struggles and growth as both a person and an artist. 

King Anu is excited to share this project with his fans and new listeners. For those who have missed out on his previous releases, head over to his Spotify account to listen to his entire discography. Want to learn more about the emerging emcee? Check out the recent interview we had with King Anu.