Josen (@liljosen) is a rising talent based out of New York coming to the public light after a series of singles, cosigns, and projects including Best of Josen, Vol. 1 and Josen & Friends. Frequently collaborating with artists in the electronic, pop rap, and trap scenes, such as POPSTARBILLS, Kevin Hilfiger, Jackie Platinum, and other members of the Varsity collective, Josen has made a bigger and bigger name for himself this past year. We were fortunate to sit down with the NY based talent to chat about his recent releases, creative process, and more.

Thanks for stopping by for an interview. Excited to get to know you more, as you’ve been a recognizable name in the underground for quite some time now. How did you first get into music and how long have you been recording?

I got into music by buying those $5 Hot 97 mixtapes as a kid. I’ve been recording for at least 5 (or more) years now.

You’re based in NY, correct? What’s it like making music in New York?

It’s very fun (and) there’s always new things to talk about, see, and explore, and it makes everything more in your face.

How has the local NY scene inspired you?

The few people I fuck with inspire me … I guess the drill scene as of lately too.

How do you feel you set yourself apart from more mainstream sounds coming out of the tristate?

No doubt I do everything, and even those things I do wouldn’t be considered mainstream.

We’ve heard a lot recently, and on your 2019 tape, Josen & Friends, with acts such as POPSTARBILLS, Kevin Hilfiger, Shyburial, Jackie Platinum, Nate Numbaheight, and many more. What draws you to working with these artists, and what have your favorite collaborations been?

They’re all my friends. My favorite collaboration has been Pop Rocks so far with Kevin Hilfiger, Shyburial, and POPSTARBILLS.

You’ve been getting love from blogs such as Culness, Fresh Fruit Only, ELEVATOR, and even a cosign from Post Malone. How has your career evolved over the past years and where do you want to see yourself next year?

Wait… How the hell did you know I got a Post Malone cosign? I want to solidify myself as a NYC artist on everyone’s radar from here.

You’re obviously a very versatile artist. What draws you to making such eclectic music and what is your creative process like?

My surroundings and lifestyle …  probably contribute to that. My creative process is however the day goes there’s not one blueprint (and) it’s driven by life.

What’s your favorite song you’ve released thus far?


What music would you like to promote?

Heart of Da City, my newest drill song with video (that dropped) on Halloween!

Interested in more from Josen? Make sure to follow him on Spotify here and check out Josen & Friends on Soundcloud for free.