Alex Hamilton, p.k.a. A.I.R.A., is a Pueblo, Colorado based hip hop artist with a passion for creation. Working with fellow artist AndE, the pair have written, recorded, and engineered a number of impressive releases including their most recent project, Eve Ate The Snake. In our recent interview, A.I.R.A. describes his music as honest and lyrical, and his sound can be concisely summarized by hard hitting bars over booming production featuring both east coast and west coast influences. This is no surprise, with his influences listing Caskey and Dave East among others. 

A.I.R.A.’s latest effort, Payroll, is another powerful release from the CO based emcee. In Payroll, Alex flexes, talking down on “rappers on a Payroll”. A.I.R.A.’s drawling vocals over head bobbing high hats on the hook contrasts and compliments his faster bars on the verses. 

For fans of east coast and west coast hip hop alike, Payroll is the next track for your playlist. Add it today along with A.I.R.A.’s other releases on Spotify. Want to learn more about A.I.R.A.? Check out our interview with Alex here.