Nesto is an incredibly talented underground emcee hailing from Camden, NJ, and now residing in Fresno, CA. Nesto cites his inspirations as Future and Meek Mill, as he says in our recent interview. Emerging in the scene with his debut EP, Underway Vol. 1, he followed up on the project with Underway Vol. 2, before releasing a number of singles and his first official album, Trap on 1000, this past Spring. Nesto is an incredibly unique musician, and we’ve highlighted three of our favorite tracks from the Fresno based artist.

King Smith

King Smith features DC based recording artist Spell Jordan, and production from frequent collaborator Glockley. Nesto and Glockley’s very different styles work perfectly together. The pair transition between each other effortlessly for an incredible track.

Bring It Back

Bring It Back is Nesto’s club anthem, meant to get the club moving. This is Nesto’s most bounce inspired track and one that all new listeners should check out. 


Yola comes from Nesto’s debut EP, Underway Vol. 1, and is still one of his best pieces of work. Nesto flexes, and lays down bar on bar over a classic instrumental.


Nesto has a lot in store for 2020, and has another project in progress. We’re excited to see where Nesto takes us on his musical journey next. To learn more about Nesto, check out our Artist Spotlight article or his interview with DCR.