Born in Ohio, DMV transplant Sean Mazur has begun crafting a strong discography of emotional and soulful music. We sat down with Sean recently for a follow up interview to discuss what he has been up to. Earlier this month, we announced that Sean had another single in the works. This week, Sean released that single on all platforms.

Sean Mazur debuted One Night, a pop, soul, and electronic track meant to hypnotize listeners. Meant for the club and late nights, One Night tells a tale of lust and passion. Check out One Night for free on Spotify

Coming out of a rough childhood, Sean’s passion for music, coupled with influences including Calum Scott, Elton John, and Taron Egerton, has brought about his previously released 50/50 project, CRZY 4 U and Guardian Angel singles, and a number of of press opportunities from the likes of Poze Radio and Indie Band Guru.