Born in Ohio, with roots in Indiana, Idaho, and later the east coast, Sean Mazur has begun crafting a strong discography of emotional and soulful music. We sat down with Sean earlier this month for a follow up interview to discuss what he has been up to.

Coming out of a rough childhood, Sean’s passion for music, coupled with influences including Calum Scott, Elton John, and Taron Egerton, has brought about his previously released 50/50 project, CRZY 4 U and Guardian Angel singles, and a number of of press opportunities from the likes of Poze Radio and Indie Band Guru. 

Sean Mazur gears up for an exciting release this month, with One Night, on February 20th.

Don’t miss out on anything the DC area based musician is releasing. Stay up today by following his official Spotify account. Get ready for One Night, next Thursday!