We had the chance to sit down again with DMV native Sean Mazur to discuss his upcoming release One Night, premiering on February 20th, dream collaborations, and more.

Thanks for speaking with us before, and thanks for sitting down with us again.

How do you feel your music has changed over time?

I have definitely grown when it has come to my writing and my style of music. My songs are more mature and really showcase what I’m feeling.

What have the biggest events in your career been thus far?

The biggest event of my career was probably my release of Guardian Angel last year. It was a turning point for me and my most successful single so far.

How have the people you’ve been listening to and influenced by shaped your music?

I listen to a lot of underground/ not as well known artists. Aj Mitchell has had quite the influence over me when it comes to writing. He’s quite the romantic and I really feel what he’s singing.

Any artists you’re hoping to collaborate with?

Gosh, they’re so many. Obviously I’m just starting off in my career but with the release of my upcoming album this Spring I’m hoping to open some doors. My dream collaborations would probably be Kehlani and Niall Horan.

Appreciate you talking with us again. Any new music you want to promote?

My new single One Night drops February 20th. It’s definitely a new style then what I’ve done before and definitely a banger. It’s the lead single of my upcoming album Broken Perfection.

Any messages for the world?

Start Living! You only live once. With everything going on in the world right now, I say risk it. What’s holding you back?