TyStringz, the Nigerian singing sensation returns with another impressive anthem, “High”. TyStringz is telling stories with a fresh and innovative Afrofusion style. Where standard Afrobeat is fast-paced, energetic, and hard-hitting, TyStringz is subtle, sophisticated, and still impactful. He thrills his growing audience base with soulful melodies complimented by the quintessential rhythms of the continent, albeit a bit slower and a lot more heartfelt. 

TyStringz is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist who has mastered jazz, blues, soul, afrobeat, afro-fusion, R&B, and indie rock genres. His musical ensemble is topped off by original, heartfelt lyrics that he effortlessly croons with the skill and prowess of a seasoned musical veteran. Thousands of music lovers around the world are eager for his eclectic brand of afro-fusion to make its mark.

TyStringz has had a wild ride in recent years, with two of his singles, Shalaye and Shy, topping Apple Music and iTunes Chart Worldwide Genre charts. His smash hit song, Shy, has already been streamed over half a million times since he teamed up with afrobeat legend L.A.X. Without a doubt, we know Tystringz will deliver on High.

New single High will be released on September 30th and will be TyStringz’s biggest hit yet! Stay tuned and don’t miss the drop!