Henry Joseph’s music moves through genres to create its mysterious style. Evocative and sensuous. If you listen to a Henry Joseph song, you will find love, you will find beauty, and at the same time, you will find a place in the song that is left just for you. Now Joe Lengson is here with a new musical project! Henry Joseph is making its official debut this year. In 2018, Lengson went back to his roots with music and composing and recording piano-focused music specifically made for the film, T.V., and commercials. In 2019, Lengson began writing music for a new project with the original concept of capturing the sound of the 1980s and 1990’s country Lengson grew up on. Henry Joseph is one of our favorite artists, so here are two of our favorite songs from him!

1. Drop A Line

The catchy and relatable track, Drop A Line by Henry Joseph is our all-time favorite! Having an ex we just want to contact and let them know we’re fine without them is something we’ve all experienced before. Drop A Line’s smooth vocals and rhythmic guitar playing make it one of the most popular tracks of the summer!

2. Goodnight Goodbye

Henry Joseph made his debut with his popular single, Goodnight Goodbye. Taking influences from his musical background he does a great job emulating that classic country style. In addition to introducing us to his brand-new country sound, he infused it with his original pop flair. Upbeat yet melancholic, this song is a masterpiece!

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