Destroy Lonely, whose real name is Bobby Sandimanie III, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 30, 2001. It is no secret that Lonely grew up in a musical family and was immersed in the music industry from an early age, as he is the son of rapper I-20. As a child, Lonely traveled on multiple tours with his father, and he refers to Ludacris as his “uncle.” Finding solace in watching the work of his father, Lonely eventually disciplined his own passion for music by studying it from an early age. He released the first official song on SoundCloud in 2015.

Lonely developed relationships with many of his contemporaries in the Atlanta area, including BigSmokeChapo and Nezzus, as his fan base expanded. He works closely with producer Clayco. The Underworld Music Group, an artist and producer group founded by Clayco, also regularly collaborates with him.We have other rappers from Atlanta featured on our website, so be sure to check them out!

Destroy Lonely is affiliated with BigSmokeChapos Addicted To Money. In early 2021, he became a member of the Playboi Carti opium label. He’s sure to make himself a name in the music industry in the near future as Destroy Lonely looks to keep paving his own lane.

Listen to his latest collaboration with Bktherula, FOREVER PT. 2 (JEZEBEL), out on Spotify now and follow Destroy Lonely‚Äôs instagram for more!