With William Hayes as its frontman, willcody is an emerging emo and indie rock band from Hamden, Connecticut. It has been over a year since they began recording before releasing Exit Interview, their debut EP. The band is inspired by acts such as Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt, Kevin Devine, and more, but they are also bringing something entirely new to the music scene. In this article, we narrowed down our top three songs from them! 

1. Eliza

Initially, Eliza introduces the listener to calming guitar chords before introducing a heavier rock beat. Lead singer and songwriter William sings about getting “stronger now from the spark”, and the listener can feel a spark growing inside them throughout the song. The song is truly a masterpiece. 

2. Title and Registration

Using their collective talents, willcody crafted a soothing and uplifting composition. Nothing like their song, Title and Registration, can make anyone want to get up and dance.

3. Burning Sage

With a calming beat and an easy-listening sound, you’ll surely slow down and relax while listening to this single. While willcody sings about the emotional journeys we all go through every day, it is their lyrical power that keeps the listener engaged.


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