The wait is over! The new song by Henry Joseph called Drop A Line was released on July 15, 2022 with a music video on July 8. The song tells a story about a breakup with an ex and how much better he’s doing without her. I think we can all relate to when we realized that life was still worth living without someone who doesn’t make us happy. He wrote Drop A Line as an expression of this newfound happiness and self-confidence.

In 2018, Lengson returned to music, composing and recording piano music exclusively for film, television, and commercials. New country music project Henry Joseph composed in the winter of 2019 and recorded demos in January and February 2020 at Mondrian Studios in North Hollywood, California.

Henry Joseph started playing the piano at the age of seven, and in his youth, he took part in a number of local music projects, from early American folk to death metal, which he talked about in a previous interview with the artist. His early origins were the key to his success. 

Henry Joseph’s music is reshaping the country music genre with its harmonious songs and relatable lyrics. Go listen to the hot new single Drop A Line on all streaming platforms out now! Want more from Henry Joseph, read this exclusive interview to learn more about his musical style, personal inspiration, and more!