Robb Bank$, whose real name is Richard Burrell, is an American rapper who was born in 1994 and helped pioneer the South Florida scene. He is known for being a member of Raider Klan and for songs with artists such as XXXTentacion, Wifisfuneral, Kid Trunks, and others. Born in New York but relocating to Broward County, Florida at age six, Bank$ was the son of Carol Johnson and reggae superstar Shaggy. Check out other Florida artists on our blog!

Robb Bank$ earliest tracks appeared in 2011, with a dark and edgy lyrical approach not dissimilar to what  was up to Odd Future at the time. His first mixtape, Calendars, brought him to the attention of many fans and he followed its intense and often-ugly themes with the more autobiographic Tha City in 2013. 

He announced he was working on his first studio album more than three years before it finally arrived, and he frequently played live in the months leading up to its release. The album, Year of the Savage, was finally released in October of 2015 on 300 Entertainment. The album hit the charts and brought Bank$ into a more mainstream realm, though his music remained as aggressive and vitriolic as ever. 

His 2016 mixtape C2: Death of My Teenage served as a sequel to Calendars and featured guest spots from XXXTentacion and Los Hosale. During this time, he released several EPs and singles and briefly entertained the idea of signing on with Cash Money Records, but ultimately chose to remain independent. Mixtape Molly World appeared in 2018 with cameos from Chief Keef, Famous Dex, and others.

It’s crazy to think that Robb Bank$ has been around for almost a decade now, yet here we are. He can be considered a pioneer of the underground scene and a pivotal part in it becoming the fuel of the mainstream. His unique style and personality helped propel the influence the internet has had on hip-hop, and his grind has paved a blueprint for independence. Even when the web found out that Reggae singer Shaggy was his father, you couldn’t deny his authenticity and transparency in his craft. It’s clear; Robb’s a real one.