AFN Peso, whose real name is Dominik Smith, is a South Central native and rising talent. AFN Peso is on the come-up as one of the West Coast’s hottest rappers. With a well-deserved reputation within Los Angeles rap, Peso continues to thrive in the new wave, gaining highly coveted co-signs and selling out his first Los Angeles show. Check out other California artists on our blog!

Having always loved music, Peso really only started rapping 4 years ago, thanks to the support of his blood brother who is currently locked up. He fondly remembers writing in his notebook, feeling like he could possibly make a career out of it. And if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s telling his story. AFN Peso’s music reflects the West Coast style with his songs about chilling out and partying and being tough on the streets, drawing from the gangsta rap genre. 

AFN Peso recently unveiled his newest project, The Real Thing II released via AFN Records/EMPIRE. Clocking in at 15 tracks, the body of work sees Peso wearing his heart on his sleeve, spitting his truth while effortlessly motivating and empowering his fans. The project also has all-star features from Larry June, Icewear Vezzo, and LA’s Gary Chose.