Youngworldibi is a hip hop artist from Lancaster, PA. While he’s always been a huge music fan, Youngworldibi began making music of his own in 2020. Youngworldibi started writing at age 15, influenced by the lyricism of Lil Wayne. He was also heavily influenced by one of hip hop’s greatest – The Notorious B.I.G. 

Much like one of his favorite artists, Lil Wayne, Youngworldibi uses many metaphors and his music is lyrically aggressive and prideful. Always striving for a unique sound, he makes gritty, real, classic hip hop and jumps at the chance to freestyle. 

Youngworldibi’s most recent album, Taking the Throne, boasts over 400,000+ streams on Spotify and includes 21 tracks. The best single on the album, Off the Wall, has over 310,000+ streams on Spotify. Currently in the studio, Youngoworldibi is expected to release multiple singles this summer, in anticipation of another full album. 

Youngworldibi is not your typical hip hop artist – something he takes great pride in – and he’s just getting started!  Make sure to check out his tracks on Spotify!