YSN Fab, whose real name is Jamiah Fabian Brown, is originally from Winnipeg, and has become a viral sensation with over 12 million streams on Spotify. He started out as a football player that had no intention of becoming a rapper. A bad injury gave him the chance to reconsider his future trajectory. He is vocal about his love of Winnipeg and his goal of continuing to make music without leaving that area. He records in his own home without the help of a big studio label. He reports that he is waiting for the right deal with a record label.

YSN Fab has been releasing many singles since 2018. He released several albums as well. MADE 4 MORE and MADE 4 MORE 2 and Winnipeg’s Anomaly were released in quick succession between 2020 and 2021. They were all met with great responses from fans. 

YSN Fab has goals to become more and more successful in the music industry. He also has lofty aspirations to make Winnipeg cool and popular by association. He also talks about a desire to use his fame and future assets to assist those dealing with houselessness. His mother works with sexually exploited youth and he would like to contribute to her work as well. 

YSN Fab has big aspirations beyond music success and he is well on his way. YSN Fab is clearly headed for great things and you can listen to more on Spotify! If you like YSB Fab, you might also like Moe Faygoo and Pasto Flocco.