Zaq Baker is a powerhouse of a piano player mixed with a talented punk and pop musician. He provides an original sound and a unique melodic experience for listeners. Here we cover the top three songs by Zaq Baker and give insight into how each one has succeeded.

1. Down For Whatever

Down for Whatever is Zaq Baker’s most popular song on Spotify. This song describes aspects of interpersonal relationships. It also depends on expert piano playing. Like its name, this song features many of Zaq Baker’s strong suits. He is able to take on whatever he chooses in the name of creative music.

2. Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro takes a bit of a softer turn from the previous song. It is slower and more melancholic. This song has a subdued narrative. As with many of Zaq Baker’s tunes, lyrics are at the forefront. His lyrics take the stage. 

3. Bummer Soul

Bummer Soul takes an upturn in energy from the two songs prior. However, it maintains the piano power. It wraps that in a strong drum beat and more peppy vocal stylings. He also uses a different recording sound than the other two songs. This further showcases Zaq Baker’s diverse talent. 

Zaq Baker is a musician to watch. His skills are focused and practiced. Listen to more of his hit songs on Spotify!