EDM, or electronic dance music, has an enormous following. There are plenty of iconic EDM artists. If you are itching to break into the field, one of the best ways to do so is by submitting your music for coverage on a blog. This helps engage your listenership and audience and legitimizes you as a musician and artist. It is an excellent opportunity to get your music out there. However, it can be daunting to get your music on a blog and to know where to start. It often comes down to knowing what the blogs are, and learning how to submit your music to those blogs. In this article we guide you to the top 5 EDM blogs and give you steps on how to send your music to each one. Each of these blogs we cover requires no cost to you.

1. New Wave Radio

New Wave Radio is a fun electronic blog that ​​you can submit music to by following this link and sending an email that includes your music or song you’d like to submit to the website. The fun piece of this website is that New Wave Radio is more than a blog. It is also an online radio station, so if you successfully submit your music, you can also get played on the station.

2. Your EDM

Your EDM is easy to submit to and even easier to browse other music. When you click this link you get directed to a page where you can submit a song for review, an event for posting, or advertising/marketing requests. This music coverage blog offers a straightforward and clear experience. There are no frills to get bogged down in by which to get distracted. There are plenty of resources and good music links without too much showiness. This helps highlight the streamlined process of submitting and of using the blog.

3. EDM Tunes

To submit to EDM Tunes you just send an email to this address. It could not be simpler. This blog is ideal for submitting a new single. It is easy to include a single song into the email and wait for the blog to cover the release. 

4. EDM Mania

EDM Mania has a simple submission process. The personal touch in this blog means that you can easily email this address and you are golden. The blog will respond to you if they would like to feature your music. It is nice to have the ability to email directly and not use a form submission. This ensures an intimate feeling that someone is really listening to our music and is responding to the music you submit.

5. This Song Slaps

This Song Slaps is a blog with a smooth submission process. If you have music on Soundcloud, then this is the blog for you! Simply follow this link and you can enter your Soundcloud link to try to get your music featured on this blog. It is a good place to start in submitting your music because it only requires a single link to your song or music. 

The important things to remember about submitting your music is that persistence is key, if you have confidence in your music others will too, and that understanding the system is vital for getting your sound heard. Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks about your music and getting your music heard.