Take a listen to our submission of the week—Blood Ties Pt 2 by Ouu Wop and Snappy. Pickasidefilms is the film company behind the music video Blood Ties Pt 2 by rappers Ouu Wop and Snappy. Pickasidefilms has worked to create videos with artists including Jdotty 43 and Lil’Quis. They help to create great and exciting visualizations of excellent songs. Blood Ties Pt 2 has a thrilling beat that is the result of this dynamic duo working together to create a great project. The song has a powerful feeling to it. If you have not listened to drill before, this is the perfect introduction to the style.

Snappy, also known as Snappy SG, is based out of Brooklyn, NY. He has also collaborated with artists such as Spazz Dos and Joo $G on songs in the past. Ouu Wop is another rapper based in the same area. This is the main collaboration the two have done together. 

Together, Ouu Wop and Snappy, highlight Brooklyn drill. Brooklyn drill music rose to prominence in 2014 when rapper Bobby Shmurda popularized the style. Bam Bino, Dah Dah, and Curly Savv are several other main figures behind the genre. Eventually, Brooklyn drill music hit the mainstream charts on the Billboard Hot 100 with tracks from Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign growing in popularity and getting nominated for Grammy Awards. Brooklyn drill music is described as an influential type of rap used related to protest music and social change, recently incorporated into/associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Look out for more from Brooklyn Drill rappers, Snappy, and Ouu Wop!