TyStringz and L.A.X are joining forces to create a new and different sound in their upcoming single Shy. TyStringz is more than a songwriter, he is also a producer and multi-instrumental vocalist with a diverse array of musical stylings. His study of music has involved different genres of music including, jazz, blues, soul, afrobeat, afro-fusion, RnB, and indie rock. His creativity shines as he combines his use of complex melody, lyrics, and rhythm with his diverse background of influences and foundational music education. 

TyStringz demonstrates all of this talent and experience in his upcoming collaborative single with L.A.X, titled Shy. Shy is meant to be a narrative experience of a person dealing with insecurities. The intention of this song is to be a story, to which anyone can relate. It has to do with showing someone how their insecurities are only in their own head and these things that make them an individual are actually what makes them the most beautiful.

TyStringz is singing this song to uplift and motivate anyone dealing with insecurities of their body, status, wealth, skin, culture, etc. to transform and feel their full happy self. He wants the listener to embrace their own creativity, sexiness, sensuality, confidence, and positivity to blossom into who they really are. 

Shy is meant to break down a person’s barriers, so they can find themselves and feel happy. The song’s exciting beat helps the subject of the song, or the listener, to shed their fears and dance in a little more of a carefree style.

Shy is inspired by TyStringz’s own life. He knows how insecurities can overwhelm a person and he wants his music to be a sort of antidote to the mental darkness many experience. The production quality is excellent. L.A.X on the track enhances the catchy tune. Make sure to look out for this exciting release!