The Shape is out with another banger. This band seems to have no end to their creativity and song writing talents. They now add their newest single I Am The One (The Cure) to this already vast catalog of hard rock and metal music. Click the link below to hear their new hit.

All five members of The Shape have long locks of hair, representative of the length of their career as a mainstay in the metal music scene. The Shape has been a steady and popular live force in the Connecticut, New England, and East Coast music scenes; having toured & played over 600+ shows, recorded 6 albums and an EP in the band’s 15-year existence. 

This song is in perfect sync with their classic sound. The consistent bass line underscores the loud, distorted sounds of electric guitars and amped drums in a classic metal way. This is not to say that The Shape or this new song are typical, because they are anything but. I Am The One (The Cure) amplifies the elements of what consistently makes The Shape stand out, while also adding in a new flare. Click the link below for a reminder of some of their previous music.

Don’t forget to listen to the rest of The Shape’s music on Spotify and check out their website for more information.