Audiomack is a great tool for artists. However, there can be some mystery as to how to get verified. Audiomack will first authenticate you and then you can apply for verification. Read below to find out how!

We’ve broken down the steps for you to get verified on Audiomack, so that you no longer have to struggle to find out how. To use Audiomack and monetize your music you must first be verified. To do so, you must first get authenticated. This involves submitting information for Audiomack to vet you as an artist. 

Why is it important to get authenticated? Because this distinguishes you as a creator. With the authentication check, you are not just a listener. As an authenticated creator you can quickly and easily notify fans when you release new content, you can submit your content for trending consideration, you gain access to creator services at Audiomack, and more. 

How to Get Authenticated on Audiomack

  1. You must have and link 2 of your official releases
  2. Have at least 25 followers
  3. Create an Audiomack profile and dashboard
  4. Accept the terms that state you:
    • Are a content creator
    • Own the rights to distribute and upload the content on your profile
    • Will not upload content that you do not own the rights to
  5. Verify your email
  6. Complete your profile
    • Upload to the dashboard a recent profile picture and a clear header
    • Create a name and user handle
    • Add in your label and hometown
    • Include a website URL
    • Write a short biography
    • Select your genre
  7. Link this profile to as many of your social media accounts as possible
  8. Review and confirm and wait for 5 – 7 days for the process to complete

How to Get Verified on Audiomack

  1. Fully complete the above listed authentication process
  2. Have 500,000 plays 
  3. Have 1,000 followers
  4. Ensure these steps from above have been completed:
    • Profile with recent profile picture and header
    • Links to as many socials as possible
    • Uploaded at least two (2) official releases

These are two tips to not do:

  1. Do not purchase plays with bots or otherwise
  2. Do not purchase followers through bots or otherwise 

With these things uploaded and completed, Audiomack will conduct their own research to evaluate eligibility. There is no guarantee of verification, but following these steps and knowing what to avoid are critical to getting closer towards being verified. 

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