Nobody knows the true identity of SKYND. The industrial metal band claims to reside in the “dark place” and is comprised of vocalist SKYND and multi-instrumentalist Father. The true crime theme of their music has captivated thousands of listeners, and their fanbase, called the Skyndicate, still consistently grows after their start in 2018. You don’t want to miss out on this groundbreaking band! If you like SKYND, check out some of our other favorite Trap Metal artists to watch this year.

On May 18th, 2018, the band’s first single, Elisa Lam, was released with an accompanying music video. The song and video are based on the terrifying and unsolved case of Elisa Lam’s death at a hotel in Los Angeles. The track has received over 1 million streams, and the music video has received over 2 million. SKYND’s second single, Gary Heidnik, was released on July 18th, 2018. The song features Jonathan Davis, vocalist of Korn. A music video was also released on Youtube, where Davis also appears. Dark, and bound to turn your stomach, this band is not for the faint of heart. That doesn’t seem to turn away fans, however, especially with the rise in popularity of the true crime genre and SKYND’s irresistible story-telling skills. Gary Heidnik has received over 2 million streams to this day, with the music video garnering over 5.2 million views.

On August 15th, 2018, SKYND’s first EP, titled Chapter 1, was released on all streaming platforms. Elisa Lam, Gary Heidnik, and Richard Ramirez are the tracks featured, each exploring some of the darkest cases of our world. The day after its release, August 16th, a music video for Richard Ramirez was released, which has since garnered over 1 million views. The highlight of this track is the showcase of SKYND’s powerful vocals. There’s no denying the talent of this band.

But the horror doesn’t stop there. SKYND released a new single on April 12th, 2019, exploring the story of Jim Jones. The track has since received over 2 million streams, and the accompanying music video has received over 3 million views. This was the first of three other tracks that would later go on to compile their Chapter 2 EP, released on July 26th, 2019. The other two tracks, Tyler Hadley and Katharine Knight, have proven just as successful as everything else SKYND has put out, with the former reaching over 4 million streams and the latter reaching over 1 million. SKYND has proven to be something truly special. And you can’t have a SKYND song without a music video to match! Check out Tyler Hadley and Katharine Knight to dive further into the dark place.

On October 9th, 2020, SKYND released a new single, Columbine ft. Bill $aber, announcing “the latest Chapter starts now.” Packed with demonic vocals and a frenzy of terror, this is one of their best songs to date, and as of today, it has reached over 2 million streams. The accompanying music video has reached over 3 million views. Furthermore, on May 7th, 2021, SKYND released Michelle Carter on all streaming platforms, along with a music video. The heartbreaking track has since garnered over 1 million streams, and the music video has received over 1 million views. Most recently, a ballad based on the tragic story of the Chris Watts family murders was released on February 16th, 2022, along with a music video. So far, the track has received over 100k streams, and the video has received over 700k views. Could these tracks be what makes up SKYND’s next EP? Or perhaps their first full-length album? We are unsure at this time, but regardless, whatever SKYND does next is unlikely to disappoint.

What else are SKYND up to in 2022? They just finished up a tour across the U.K and have several European tour dates planned from May until September. Check them out to experience the dark place along with them.

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